Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Alpharetta & Cumming, GA

Have you recently been involved in an auto accident and are now suffering from aches and pains? If so, you may have sustained injuries to your spine or soft tissues. Often, the symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries take time to develop, but could cause long-term damage if not treated properly. Even if you went to the emergency room, there is a chance that the doctor could have missed injuries such as whiplash and strained muscles.

Fortunately, the team at Catalyst Physical Medicine has experience treating patients who have experienced car accident-related injuries Treating Auto Accident Injuries To begin your auto accident injury treatment, you will first meet with one of our specialists who will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation and review your medical history. After conducting a diagnostic assessment (if necessary), our specialist will provide you with a diagnosis of your condition or injury and recommend treatment. We offer several types of treatment for car accident injuries, which include:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Graston Technique
  • Medical Pain Management

We have also worked with a number of patients who are pursuing personal injury claims, and will provide you with a complete and accurate diagnosis to establish your injuries.

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At Catalyst Physical Medicine, our number one goal is to treat your auto accident injuries and prevent your condition from worsening over time. To learn more about our therapy options, call today (770) 233-7400 to schedule your FREE initial evaluation.

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