Graston Technique

Graston Technique in Alpharetta & Cumming, GA

Graston is a soft tissue technique performed by our Doctors of Chiropractic to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Through the use of specific hand held tools we are able to break up adhesions and scar tissue within the connective tissue (fascia), relax the muscles, and bring extra blood flow into the tissue to calm spasms and inflammation. At Catalyst Physical Medicine, our chiropractors have undergone specialized training to perform the Graston technique and have helped hundreds of patients alleviate their soft tissue pain and recover from injuries quicker.

How the Graston Technique Works

With the Graston Technique, a chiropractor uses a number of convex and concave-shaped stainless steel instruments–in a very specific manner–to break down and separate scar tissue while stretching muscle fibers and connective tissue. Scar tissue can limit mobility; breaking it down allows patients to regain their previous range of motion.

The instruments facilitate this process by gliding over the healthy areas and locating scar tissue. By administering this type of massage, the chiropractor can cause a small amount of trauma to the area, which then increases blood flow to the area and facilitates the healing process.

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