Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss in Cumming & Alpharetta, GA

Is your weight having an impact on your life? If so, the specialists at Catalyst Physical Medicine can help. Offering a number of medical weight loss programs, our goal is to help our patients finally lose weight and improve their overall health–for good. We understand that everyone loses weight differently, so our specialists customize diet programs for each patient.

Our Weight Loss Programs

To determine which weight loss program is right for you, our specialist will first meet with you to go over your medical history and what you typically eat. If he or she believes that a health problem–such as food allergies–is hindering your weight loss, our specialist will then run a diagnostic assessment. Once this is complete, you will be given a meal plan and recommendations for supplements to enhance your weight loss.

Diet is just one part of weight loss–fitness also plays an important role. Our fitness expert can work with you to develop an exercise plan based on your current level and desired goals. Over time, our expert can reassess your regimen and adjust it as your fitness improves.

Start Losing Weight Today

Don’t put off losing weight any longer! At Catalyst Physical Medicine, we have helped a number of patients who were unhappy with their health as well as the number on the scale. To learn more about our Cumming & Alpharetta weight loss programs, please call our office at (770) 233-7400 today for a FREE evaluation.

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